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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog! I have worked in and studied massage and acupuncture since 1988, each week i will offer you constructive and useful advice on keeping your body running smoothly.

Over the last 26 years I have treated and advised my clients for common musculo-skeletal problems. I have also tutored acupuncture and massage students.

The advice and suggestions offered in this blog is stuff that works, simple to understand and free. We all share similarities but differences too, not all health interventions and maintenance methods work equally well for all people, if any information or suggestion herein seems to make your problem worse please desist and consult your physician.

Common and topical health and vitality issues are discussed and hopefully demystified, in common language on this website.

The path to better health, vitality and happiness is usually about doing simple things well and consistently, being fit and healthy for most people, most of the time is not complicated. It does not have to be expensive either. Learning about your body and how it works is important, knowledge is power. Technical medical terminology can look alien and daunting and is kept ton a minimum here, accessibility is a key component of the information presented here, as is.

There are numerous references made to my book, Self Massage & +40 Fitness throughout these pages that will be available soon. You do not need to buy the book to get practical benefits from reading but they come from the same source, are written in the same spirit of self empowerment and compliment one another.